This visual glossary is intended to help you communicate with our Support Team about your board.

Also, if our Support Team mentions the name of a part and you don't know which part it is, use Command-F to find that part name in the searchable "All Parts" section of the Glossary below.

Section 1: Drive Train

Section 2: Battery Box and Electronics

Section 3: Front Truck

Section 4: Deck

All Parts

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R1, R1 Elite, ABEC11, ShredLights

Brackets, Longer Screws, Carabiner Skate Tool, Deck, Grip Tape

Front Truck, Rear Truck, Belt Cover, 83mm Blue Wheel, Wheel Set

Drive Gear Insert, Bearing, Flanged Bearing, Battery, Battery Kit Sprocket Hub, Lithium

Battery Meter, Charger, Speed Fast Charger, Motor Controller, Motor, Pulley, Gear, Sprocket, Teeth

Drive Belt, Charge Port, Power Button, On/Off Switch, Remote, Battery Box

Battery Box Lid, Deck Foam, Riser Pad, Truck Mount Screw, Truck Nut

Belt Cover Screw, Motor Screw, Battery Box Mount Screw, Battery Box Lid Screw, Controller Mount Screw

Speed Washer, Wheel Nut, Rear Spacer, Front Spacer, Wheel Nut Set, Motor Arm Set Screw

Pulley Set Screw, Motor Wire Grommet, Pulley Kit, Motor Kit, Pre-Built Complete Rear Truck


Rear Truck Replacement Kit, Motor Arm Tightening Kit, Drive Bearing Kit, Bearing Set Kit, Motor Controller Kit

Battery Meter Replacement Kit, Charge Port Replacement Kit, Battery Box Kit, Pre-Built Battery Box with Controller Kit, Deck Kit

Hardware Kit, Motor Screws Replacement Kit, Master Tool Kit, Master Tool Kit with Heat Gun, Heat Gun

Belt Replacement Kit, 3mm Allen T-Handle, 2.5mm Allen T-Handle, 2mm Allen T-Handle, #2 Phillips Screwdriver, Skate Multi-Tool, 14mm Wrench