• Front Truck


  • Skate Tool
  • 3mm Allen T-Tool (Optional)


Take your board and put it onto a box that is tall enough to lift the wheels off the table.

Remove the Allen Wrench from the Skate Tool. Use the mini Allen Wrench (or a 3mm Allen T-Handle seen below)and the Skate Tool to remove one of the front truck screws and nuts.

Take off the nut and pull out the screw. Put these to the side.

Repeat these steps to remove the other three truck screws and nuts. Not that when you remove the final screw the truck will fall so make sure to be ready for it. Put the front truck to the side.

Note that your board will be slightly unbalanced now.

Grab your board, holding the battery box to the deck. Flip it over and hang the tail off of the deck. Note that the board is very back heavy, make sure it doesn't flip off the table.

If your risers become dislodged, make sure to replace them.

Place the new truck.

Hand tighten the truck screws and nuts. Then use the 3mm Allen T-Handle and Skate Tool to secure them.

To move your wheels from your old front truck to the new front truck, see these directions.

Front Truck