If you are having difficulty tightening the rear truck nuts, you can lift up the entire hanger to make access easier.

Use the Skate Tool to remove the kingpin nut.

Pull off the nut, cupped, washer, and bushing. Put to the side.

Push the kingpin screw down, into the hanger, towards the deck. It will move less than an inch.

Once the kingpin is pushed in you'll be able to lift the entire rear hanger. Make sure not to do this too abruptly as your hanger is connected to your baseplate with zip ties, and to the battery box with the motor wires.

Here is how you lift up the rear hanger.

With the rear hanger lifted it should be easier to hand tighten the truck nuts.

To re-secure the rear hanger reach and pull the kingpin back through the hanger.

Replace the bushing, cupped washer, and kingpin nut.

Use the Skate Tool to tighten the kingpin.