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A few questions that will help us troubleshoot your issue and get you back riding ASAP.

1) Is your remote fully charged? See how to charge it on Page 15 here.

2) If it turns on, are you closely following the Pairing Directions? Note that you only need to tap the pairing button, not press and hold. If you press and hold it will not work properly.

3) If your remote consistently disconnects while riding, please send an email to with the subject "Remote disconnects, video attached" with an example video of when that occurs. When it disconnects please clearly show the side of the Remote with the LED so we can see their behavior.

Follow Up Questions: After the remote disconnects what happens next?

3.1) Does the remote turn off?

3.2) Does the board turn off?

3.3) Do both stay on and automatically re-connect?

3.4) Does the remote turn off and then require to be turned back on, then it reconnects?

3.5) Does it need to be re-paired after it disconnects?

(Please numerate your answers in your email. Thanks!)

4) If your remote is fully charged but still not turning on (aka no LED lights on the side turn on) please send us an email to with the subject "Remote will not turn on, video attached." Please include a video that shows us that the remote is fully charged by showing the red light near the lanyard is off while its plugged in charging. Attempt to turn it on and show the side LEDs not turning on. We'll take a look at your video and walk you through next steps.

We will get back to you over email with next steps.