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Use the Skate T-Tool to remove the axle nut and outer speed washer.


Pull off the Drive Wheel away from the drive train. If they get stuck pull the drive wheel spacer and flanged bearing off as well. Put to the side. One speed washer should remain on the axle.


Use the 3mm Allen T-Handle to remove the two screws holding on the belt cover. Put the belt cover and screws to the side.


Remove the belt put it to the side.

Examine the belt, pulley, and drive gear for damage or debris.  You can follow these steps to evaluate if you have a worn out pulley.


Remove the drive gear insert.  A flat head screwdriver may be used to pry it loose from the rear wheel.

 Remove the rear wheel spacer. Note that this is longer than the front wheel spacer.

Replace the drive  belt.



Use the 3mm Allen T-Handle to replace the screws securing the belt cover. Put a drop of thread lock onto the threads near the end of each screw.

Note: Do not over-tighten the screws

Replace the drive wheel. Install the rear wheel spacer (taller than the front wheel spacer) and then the flanged bearing.

Make sure this flanged bearing is pushed all the way in and is sitting flush.

Make sure the inner speed washer is present before re-installing the drive wheel.

Slide the whole wheel assembly onto the axle.


You may need to twist the wheel while pushing to get the drive gear teeth to catch the belt.

Make sure the drive wheel teeth properly catch the belt.

Install the outer speed washer, then the wheel nut.


Use the Skate T-Tool to tighten the wheel nut. Tighten it to the point where there is no horizontal play.


Drive Bearing Kit

"Drive Bearing Kit"