• 3mm Allen T-Handle
  • Utility Knife
  • #2 Phillips Screwdriver



Place the board on a 5" tall riser  that hangs the wheels off the table. An Amazon box or shoe box will work well.


Use the 3mm Allen T-Handle to remove the 6 screws holding on the battery box. Put the 6 screws to the side.


When all 6 screws are out, grab around the board holding the un-attached battery box to the deck. Carefully flip it over.



Grab the battery box and flip it over.



Notice that the motor wires coming out of the battery box will now be crossed.


Use the #2 Phillips Screwdriver to remove the 6 screws that hold the lid onto the battery box.



There is a light bead of silicon holding the lid to the battery box. Use the box cutter to cut this. Lift the lid off of the battery box.


View the speed controller. Follow the wire from the motor you want to replace into the battery box. Note that the wiring you need to unplug is on the opposite side of the motor.

Identify the 3 wires that connect the motor to the speed controller, along with the zip tie.


Carefully use the box cutter to cut the zip tie. Do not sever the motor wires.

Disconnect the 3 wires.

Pull the grommet off the battery box. Gently pull the motor wiring harness to the side of its motor.



Repeat these steps for the other motor. Use the exacto knife to cut the zip tie. Make sure not to sever or puncture any of the wires.

Unplug the three motor wires.

Pull up on the rubber grommet holding the wiring harness to the box. Pull the battery box away from the motors.

The battery box is now removed from the deck.

Find the orange battery connector. It will be close to the wall separating the battery and speed controller. Unplug the battery.



Find the red charge port connector. Unplug the battery from the charge port.


Remove the rubber grommet holding the power and charge port wires to the battery box's partition wall.


Hold the power connection wire and carefully upwards away from the box.

Remove the battery.


Optional but recommended: To ensure you don't loose the part or hardware, we recommend you re-install your battery box's lid using the #2 Phillips Screwdriver and six battery box screws.

If taking the board via air travel we recommend placing the battery in your carry-on luggage, while checking the skateboard and battery box (minus battery). See our full Air Travel recommendations here.


To re-install your battery and re-connect your battery box, follow these directions.