Replacement Pulleys can be purchased in our Parts Store here:

Tools and Materials:

  • 3mm Allen T-Handle
  • Skate T-Tool

Riptide Master Tool Kits can be purchased in our Parts Store here


Use the Skate T-Tool to remove the axle nut and outer speed washer.


Pull off the Drive Wheel away from the drive train. If they get stuck pull the drive wheel spacer and flanged bearing off as well. Put to the side.

One speed washer should remain on the axle.


Use the 3mm Allen T-Handle to remove the two screws holding on the belt cover. Put the belt cover and screws to the side.


Remove the belt put it to the side.



View your pulley on the motor axle. 

Do the pulley teeth look oddly sharp, inconsistent, or warped?

Notice how the pulley has teeth that are wider at the edges, then get narrower and sharper towards the middle.

If your pulley looks worn please notify support at with the subject "Worn Pulley, Picture and Video Attached". Include a zoomed picture similar to the ones below. Also, please include a video like this one with your belt cover removed, gently hitting the throttle. Once we receive these we'll walk you through how to receive and install a replacement. 

While waiting for the replacement pulley please replace your parts and components, to ensure you do not lose them.


Use the 3mm Allen T-Handle to replace the screws securing the belt cover.

Note: Do not over-tighten the screws!


Replace the drive wheel. Install the rear wheel spacer (taller than the front wheel spacer) and then the flanged bearing. 


Make sure the inner speed washer is present on the axle.

Slide the whole wheel assembly onto the axle.


You may need to twist the wheel while pushing to get the drive gear teeth to catch the belt.


Install the outer speed washer, then the wheel nut.  Use the Skate T-Tool to tighten the wheel nut. Tighten it to the point where there is no horizontal play.